Student’s admission:
As students approach our institution for their admission, we offer them the opportunity to enroll
immediately after they are administered an ENGLISH ENTRANCE EVALUATION in order to identify the level of
English language knowledge they have. This process applies only for students of the Primary and Middle
school Sections.
For Primary Section, these results are helpful in order for the teacher to adequate our English Program
to facilitate the student’s immersion in the regular classroom. For the Secondary Section, the results of the
English evaluation will make it possible for us to place the students in the correct English Level Class according
to their knowledge of the English language.
Our program offers students the opportunity to learn English as a second Language in a natural approach
with a gradual process making it possible for students to eventually become fluent bilingual students. We
foster student’s development in positive attitudes towards learning English, meaning that we create a real
need to use the language from the very beginning of their learning process. Our Bilingual education program
at Vista del Valle focuses
from origin on a constructivist learning and teaching approach. We have 24 years of experience in Bilingual
Education and we are always in constant academic updating.
Today in this world’s global changing in all fields, Colegio Bilingûe Vista del Valle is not the exception in this
teaching, learning and education atmosphere. Today we focus on encompassing a social level, an educational
level and a linguistic and cognitive level of teaching and learning a Second Language. This perspective is well
sustained by the official education programs in foreign language set up by the SEP Secretaria de Educacion
Our curriculum in Kindergarten section has fully incorporated teaching methodologies which have been
proven to be successful in bilingual education beginning at early ages.
We have children in full immersion classrooms which permits their active participation in speaking English and
begin developing the other skills as they go from grade to grade.
The Natural approach fosters that children will learn and become acquainted with the words in English they
listen to, they see, they speak and they understand in a very natural and simple way.
Very important is at this early age that children learn faster and easier if they are in constant movement such
as it is fostered by a Total Physical Response approach making it possible for them to have movement and
therefore react meaningfully to language.
One of the main aims of Primary Education is characteristically the development of literacy. At Colegio
Bilingûe Vista del Valle with the implementation of our bilingual program our primary aim is for students to
learn and write in two languages simultaneously. Our curriculum is a very strong based READING PROGRAM
promoting the development of literacy through the Five Essential Components of Reading. Our bilingual
program is well designed to face the challenge of teaching literacy in two languages simultaneously with
precise methodologies that permit children to become bilingual.
Our curriculum is sustained by our well designed teaching-learning methodologies to face the needs of our
global world. Teaching and learning through curricular integration: meaning that we deal with the same
topics in different subjects adopting different perspectives, and using a different language. With this we
guarantee that our students are exposed to the necessary language in both codes.
When primary education level is concluded, we have reached only part of our goal in having Bilingual
Children, for now it will be the turn of our next education level to continue this process before our students
continue to the next education level being Secondary School.
It is important to explain that at Colegio Bilingûe Vista del Valle we continue with our Bilingual Program.
The official SEP Program for Secondary level is designed for three hours of study for a Foreign Language.
At Colegio Bilingûe Secondary Section, we offer eight hours for the study of English.
Our curriculum is aimed to foster that our students learn curriculum content through the medium of a foreign
language. We guide students in their search for a sense of belonging in the world around them, in a world in
constant evolution and every day more inter-related – and foster in them a positive attitude towards learning.
Our program is characterized by the discipline, the intellectual challenges and the development of skills in a
framework of creativity and flexibility. An important issue is the student´s responsible participation in all of
the planned activities in school, in projects, in contests, or in our community. It uses an innovative
methodology such as the use of interdisciplinary and sequential projects which conclude special presentations
correlated with other school subjects. expectations. The program includes different subject groups,
integrated to constitute the framework for the disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning. The students study
their native language, a second language, humanities, sciences, math, arts, physical education and technology.
Our program makes emphasis on subjects studied in English in the area of Sciences such as: Biology, Physics
and Chemistry where special projects are designed.
It is important that our students in order to be successful in their subjects, become aware of how particular
lexical and grammatical choices create meanings in the different texts they have to read and write about.
They also understand that at this final stage of their Basic Education, they will be able to apply everything they
have learned, to real life situations. Our students become fluent bilingual and at the same time appropriate
themselves with cultural, social, emotional and cognitive knowledge which will in turn make them competent
and competitive students ready to live up to the 21st
Century society’s global needs and expectations.